MedEzy: Your Health Journey Partner - A Devpost Hackathon with Pangea and Flutter

MedEzy: Your Health Journey Partner - A Devpost Hackathon with Pangea and Flutter

Our app is changing the way we care for you after your checkups, making it more personal and convenient. We're here to bridge the gap between distances and busy schedules, giving you the power to take control of your health journey. Whether you're going through pregnancy, recovering from cornea surgery, or healing after heart surgery, we're by your side with gentle reminders, clear guidance, and virtual support. With us, healthcare becomes easier and more accessible, benefiting both you and your healthcare providers. Together, we're shaping a brighter future for follow-up care, with better outcomes and peace of mind as our goals

What is MedEzy?

Medezy isn't just a healthcare app; it's a comprehensive solution that leverages cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize patient care and data security. Here's a glimpse of the powerful features that make Medezy a game-changer.

Secure Login with Pangea Auth N:

Medezy is committed to keeping your data safe from the very start. We provide a secure login experience using Pangea Auth N, ensuring robust authentication to protect your data at all times.

Secure Audit Log:

Medezy's Audit Log ensures top-notch security by tracking user activity in the app, offering both scalability and tamper-proof protection for your data.

Secure Digital Locker with Pangea File Scan:

At Medezy, we take your data security seriously. Our digital locker allows you to securely store your medical reports and documents. What sets us apart is our use of Pangea File Scan. Every file you upload undergoes rigorous security checks, ensuring the safety and integrity of your data.

Interactive Chat Support Powered by Google Dialogflow:

Communication between patients and healthcare providers is effortless with Google Dialogflow. Our in-app chat feature, backed by Dialogflow, facilitates seamless conversations and supports vital functions like uploading medical documents securely.

Breathing Exercise Tests (4+ Integrated):

Medezy recognizes the importance of holistic well-being. We offer a library of breathing exercise tests, including at least four different exercises. These exercises promote respiratory health and relaxation, enhancing patient care.

Machine Learning Posture Detection:

Our commitment to comprehensive health extends to posture detection. Medezy's machine learning-driven posture detection feature ensures patients perform exercises correctly, reducing the risk of injury and enhancing effectiveness.

Reminder Notifications:

Never miss a step in your health journey with Medezy's reminder notifications. Whether it's medication, exercise, or follow-up appointments, our app keeps you on track, enhancing patient adherence and well-being.

Seamless Data Storage with Firebase Storage and Firestore:

Medezy ensures a seamless and reliable data storage experience through Firebase Storage and Firestore. Your medical documents and records are readily accessible, contributing to an efficient and user-friendly healthcare journey.


Medezy isn't just an app; it's a technological marvel designed to enhance patient care and data security. Our secured login, interactive chat support, diverse breathing exercises, machine learning posture detection, reminder notifications, secure digital locker, and seamless data storage make us a standout in the world of healthcare apps.

As we continue to innovate and expand our features, Medezy remains dedicated to empowering patients and healthcare providers alike. Our vision is to redefine healthcare, ensuring that technology not only improves lives but also safeguards the privacy and well-being of all our users.


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